A fashionista turns against her savior. A spoof on Godard's "Alphaville"   1986

Holly Adams stars as The Girl

No Such Thing as Gravity

Planets collide, but a new planet offers hope until a dictator determines that only "useful" people can live there.  1988

Holly Adams stars as Kay Zorn

The Deflowering

Defolco has taken over the world and insists that we as humans may no longer touch each other or be near flowers due to extreme allergies all humans are experiencing. But Dawn Woods, a scientist believes that the allergies the government  are hyping are no longer a problem. She takes it upon herself to conquer the government's misleading of the public to disastrous ends. 1990

Holly Adams stars as Dawn Woods


All a girl needs is a little horoscope fantasy to get her through the day. 

A Richard Kern Film - 1992

Holly Adams stars as The Girl.

Ferrum 5000

The macrocosm is in the microcosm. Violence and Beauty in Nature. 1989

Choreographed by Holly Adams


A feminist retelling of the Beauty and The Beast Tale.  1994

Screened at The Museum of Modern Art in March 2018 and all over the world, opens the BFI compilation disc, "The Cinema of Transgression".

Hot Dog

Single ladies prepare for a night on the town by ordering dinner according to their taste in men.  2008

Starring Holly Adams