No Place Teaser

"Through Darkness we must go to see the Light again."


1994 Written by and starring Holly Adams

Directed by Tessa-Hughes Freeland

"NYMPHOMANIA  is a  parody of myths of an 'ancient/pagan'  plenitude and is a  blackly Comedic critique of attitudes toward the dialectic of  male/female sexuality. It locates a sexual mythology specific to Western  Culture and deconstructs it ."

--Jack Sargeant, "Death Tripping", 1995 

Screened around the world and at

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City March, 2018

Shadows of Waste

An existential walk through time as a man waits for a woman.

Best Cinematography NMWIF Fiesta 2017

Bronze Award LA Neo Noir Film Festival

Leather Kittens Gone Bad

"They'll kick, bite and scratch to get a record deal!"

48 hour Film 2010

The Man-App Promo

"The man of your dreams at the touch of a button."

Promo for The Man App, a musical feature film.

The Man-App Full Version

"The man of your dreams at the touch of a button."

Best Production Design - Miami Film Festival 2013

Currently in development as a musical feature film. Contact us for more info.

The Gift

Auditioning for Death!    2015

48 Hour Horror Film 2015

An Unlikely Hero

"Eat the cat food, save the world!!"

48 hour film 2014

Hot Dog

Single Ladies eat hot dogs according to their taste in men!

Silly little ditty I made in 2008 with a handycam and my single girlfriends.