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No Place Teaser

No Place, a feature film shooting Summer 2019.

"Pure Art!  Gave me the chills!  I can't wait to see this."      K.  Grace

"Dude, that looks fricken great, man!"   B. Roach

 "I dig your style so much!"       G.  Clark
"Those are the words I was looking for, I love a Holly Adams film"     B. Shelton

"Looks like a good film! Want to see it."     C. Carroll



Holly Adams Director's Reel

Clips from Movies directed by Holly  between 2010 and 2017 including The Man-App!, Shadows of Waste, Leather Kittens Gone Bad and StraitJacket.

About Me


About Me

Holly Adams has been working in the  entertainment industry since the age of 13. She got her start as a  ballerina and lived the gypsy lifestyle for over 20 years moving from  San Francisco to Milwaukee and finally New York City dancing her way  across the globe. Her first acting role was the lead as "The Girl" in the short film, Betaville,  which earned her a cult following and roles in close to 20 other  underground films in New York. In 1994, Holly wrote, directed and  starred in "Nymphomania", which was picked up by the British  Film Institute and opened their History of the Avant-Garde series video  entitled The Cinema of Transgression. Now living in Albuquerque,  NM where film tax incentives are available, Holly has written, directed  and produced the short films: Hot Dog, Here Boy, Plots, Leather Kittens Gone Bad, An Unlikely Hero, The Gift, The Man-App, Shadows of Waste and a music video for a Los Angeles pop star. Holly is in development on a musical version of her feature film, "The Man-App",  a romantic comedy where you can have "the man of your dreams at the  touch of a button".  Holly is  currently in fundraising mode for her first feature film, a dark drama  road picture entitled "No Place". 

IMDB Holly Adams


Best Cinematography
Shadows of Waste
New Mexico Women in Film Fiesta 2017

Bronze Award

Shadows of Waste
LA Neo-Noir Film Festival 2017

Best Production Design

The Man-App

Miami International Film Festival 2014



I am currently in fundraising mode for my first feature film, 

No Place 

A road picture drama feature film. 

In the New Mexico desert, two desperate teens flee their traumatic pasts trying to outrun the law until they find that the home they seek is within each other and that sometimes two equals one.

"Nymphomania"  screened twice at the  Museum of Modern Art in New York City in March 2018! Thanks to  The New Mexico Film Foundation for sponsoring my trip to NYC for the screenings!

"The  Man-App Musical" is also in development, a fun romp where you can have the man of your dreams at the touch of a button!



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